50-Word Stories: Before the Fall

Fifty words is a fun exercise in brevity. I recommend it, especially if you are feeling mired in creative ennui. This piece was published today in 50-Word Stories.


This wasn’t what Sibyl expected when she signed up for digital detox. Continue reading


  • I enjoyed your Flash.
    I think it is a great shame that more folk don’t comment on the stories. What does it take to jot down a few lines to let the person know that you’ve read it. It’s not even necessary too say if you enjoyed it or not; just to know someone gave a few seconds to read it is enough, don’t you think?
    So, what did I think? Well, I smiled… that was fun. I read it again, smiled again, thought about standing in front of an early man with a club. Now, I’m wondering what I’d say to him (assuming that I haven’t taken to my heals and ran away like a hairy man). I’d have to start with a single word. You know how you feel when some foreigner comes up to you and launches into a long sentence. It sounds like threatening gibberish and you feel inadequate. So, what word would I say?
    What word would you say?
    I guess it would be, ‘Hello’.
    Cover your ears and say that one word. After a couple of attempts at trying not to understand what it means, it sounds most peculiar.
    I’ll try another word that has more resonance.. Knobbly? Platypus!
    …this could go on ad-infinitum.
    Nice chatting to you.
    Keep on writing

    • Hi Christian –

      Thank you for reading AND commenting. 🙂 I think your continuation of the story is a lot more optimistic than mine; despite my attachment to my smartphone I think they may actually be ruining us.

      Thanks again for taking the time.


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